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Custom Built Chassis in Belle Plaine, MN

You can trust B&B Racing Chassis to build your car from chassis to an outstanding race-winning car! We offer chassis for IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Annihilator/SS IMCA Stock Car and IMCA Hobby Car. We are your only shop for chassis. Stop in and see what we have!


Pricing Information for each Chassis:

IMCA Modified

Bare chassis with the Afco front clip. $5699.99

Complete body installed $2,999.99

Powder coating starting at $600.00

Complete rollers starting at $26,999.00

IMCA Sport Modified

Bare chassis $5,500.00

Complete body installed for 4499.99

Powder coating starting at $800.00

Rollers starting at $20,091.50

Complete Roller $25,866.49

IMCA Annihilator/SS IMCA Stock Car

Bare chassis all tabs and brackets. $5499.99 +$1,000.00 if NO useable core

Interior sheet metal kits installed $899.00

Powder starting $825.00

Complete rollers no Body Starting at $23,900.00

Completer Roller W/Boby starting at $29,500.00

Rear-End Housing $999.99

Complete Rear-End W/hubs and axles $2,462.99

IMCA Hobby Car

Bare Chassis $4200.00

Powder Coating starting at $800.00

Dash and Rear Firewall starting at $799.00

Complete Roller w/body starting at $22,000.00


All orders require a 50% down payment. Down payments are nonrefundable, but may be eligible for refund when the car is built and sold!

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